It’s not easy helping your child carve out their own place in the world, especially when that means moving into their own apartment. At Iconic Village Boise, we strive to make navigating this uncharted territory as transparent, simple, and smooth as possible. We are here to help and would be happy to provide you with the answers you are looking for!

"I have been living here for over 8 years now. These guys are super easy to work with, reasonable rent rates, pet friendly (with deposit), minutes from Greenbelt and downtown. BSU is a hop skip & a jump away too. Same for WinCo and Albertsons. Great office staff, and knowledgeable maintenance staff. A great apartment complex to call home!"
- Lance M.
What are individual leases and shared living?
A lot has changed over the years and offering a shared living environment helps the affordability of overall expenses. That’s why we offer separate leases for each room in the apartment! With individual leasing, your child will only be responsible for their lease contract and not their roommates’. This means that if a roommate moves out or pays rent late, that has no impact on your own financial obligation or your own lease agreement.
What is an installment lease contract?
We account for the total value of your lease contract and divide the total by the number of months based on the lease term you have chosen. So if you sign a 12-month lease contract for $6000, you pay 12 equal installments of $500. The total can be paid all at once or incrementally.
What is a guarantor?
A rent guarantor is the legal term for a person that agrees to be legally responsible for the apartment, its condition, and any financial obligations.
What if my student does not have a roommate in mind?
No sweat! We provide FREE roommate matching! No need to stress about searching the internet or flyering the local coffee shop for that potential roommate! Your child will just have to fill out a simple roommate preference form.
How do I pay the rent?
We accept checks, money orders, and online payments through each resident’s individual access, the resident portal, or at