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The goal of any amenity is to provide something useful to your residents. If you have apartments for college students, you need to make sure that they have the amenities that residents need to get the most out of living in your apartment. The high-end apartment Orem amenities listed below all add plenty of convenience for residents, whether it’s an in-building pet spa or a smart thermostat. Let’s take a look:

Pet-friendly amenities

There are so many different pet-friendly amenities that you can offer residents. When deciding on one, consider which is the most cost-effective and what will bring the most ROI for your property. For example, a big perk for dog owners would be a private in-building dog park. You could also consider offering a pet spa in your building, though this is definitely a more luxurious option. Either way, the pet owners living at your property will love having high-end pet amenities. While most college students may not prefer to keep pets, some might, so providing pet-friendly amenities is a great option.

Property-wide high-speed Wi-Fi amenities

These days, high-speed Wi-Fi is a must. Make sure to give your residents a great connection throughout your common areas. They may need to download music in the gym, stream a movie in the lounge, hop on a conference call, and do their studies online. This is one high-end apartment amenity that is definitely worth the investment!

Exceptional Work/Study Spaces

Since students mostly attend online classes and have a lot of homework to do, providing exceptional working spaces will be beneficial. If you really want to provide residents with exceptional space, add perks like snacks, study rooms, and even an espresso bar. Make it an ideal place where the students will want to study!

Smart home features

Smart homes and apartments are the future, so jumping on the opportunity to offer smart technology now is a great way to implement a sustainable high-end apartment amenity and get ahead of the game. Updating current units or installing smart features in future units or properties is surprisingly simple and inexpensive. For example, smart thermostats are simple to install and bring big savings for residents, allowing them to adjust their heat and AC remotely. Plus, a property manager can easily turn the system off when residents move out. By also providing features like smart locks and light switches, you’ll offer an eco-friendly and unique high-end apartment amenity that your residents will love!

Comprehensive fitness amenities

Fifteen years ago, you could throw a treadmill and an elliptical into a small room and call that a fitness center. Today, however, healthy living is trendy, which means residents want more from their fitness centers. To meet their demands, consider hosting fitness classes, building a yoga studio, or adding other unique amenities. Your residents will thank you!

Lap pool and lounging pool

Having both of these high-end apartment amenities can be a big win for any property. On one hand, a lap pool is great for athletes or those who want to stay in shape without hitting the treadmill. On the other hand, lounge pools are a valuable amenity for those who want to get a tan by the water without having to leave their building or host parties.

If your apartment complexes in Orem are for college students, make sure that the amenities you provide will be beneficial for them. While the amenities mentioned above are great for most residents, you can also add personalized features for students so that they’ll enjoy their stay.

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