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While the sole purpose of going to college is to get a degree, life is not only about studies, getting a degree, and getting a job. You also need to find ways to have fun during the process. One needs a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle, and to do this, you need friends to relax with. It can be difficult to make friends during your college days as you will be swamped with classes, assignments, projects, and deadlines; however, when you stay in student housing in Orem, you will be presented with plenty of opportunities to make friends. While making friends is important, you should not forget your schooling and work to find a balance between the two.

Making Friends Does Not Exclude Your Roommates: When we talk about making friends, it does not mean that you have to exclude your roommates. While many will say that it is better to keep separate friends and roommates as the relationship can get complicated, many others will disagree. If you are new to Orem student housing and hoping to expand your friend circle, roommates can be a great first step to doing that. Since you’ll already be spending a lot of time with your roommate or roommates, you’ll be able to build a close relationship with them.

Say Hello To Your Neighbors: When living in student housing in Orem, you will most likely have neighbors as well. You can get to know them by introducing yourself. If you are hosting an event or a party, invite them over as well. Your neighbors are most likely looking for friends as well. Have the confidence to say hello and you’d be surprised by how many neighbors will become your friends.

Put Yourself Out There And Be Yourself: To make new friends, you need to put yourself out there whenever the situation presents. Remember to be yourself as you do not have to change or adopt a new personality for people to like you. You do not have to impress everyone or be friends with every person, all you have to do is be your most authentic self, and you will make genuine friends who like you for who you are.

Lead A Healthy Lifestyle: Instead of just staying in the room, getting work done, and watching movies during your free time, you should focus on living a healthy lifestyle. Your student housing facility will usually come with a gym, swimming pool, clubhouses, and other amenities, so make use of them. Even if it does not include such amenities, you can always join a gym within the community. When you engage in these activities, you will meet people who have the same interest as you do, so it will be easy to get along with them. Orem student housing facilities usually come with excellent amenities, so if you make use of such amenities, it will present you with excellent opportunities to make new friends.

College years will be some of your best years, so while you focus on getting a degree, do not forget to make friends along the way to make your college life more fun and worthwhile.

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Steele Palombo