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College dorm rooms can offer many advantages including:

  1. Dorm rooms are typically close to campus.
  2. Can be lower cost than off-campus housing.
  3. Instant community of people who are similar to you.

However, most college students decide to live in off-campus apartments to take advantage of better amenities, communities, and an overall higher quality of living . If you are planning to live in an apartment complex instead of a college dorm room, you should weigh all the pros and cons and take every factor into consideration. Here’s why most college students choose to live in Apartment Complexes in Orem:

It Provides More Freedom: One of the best features about renting an apartment is that it provides more freedom compared with college dorm rooms. College dorms come with lots of rules and restrictions from visiting hours to noise control. Most college students prefer more freedom when it comes to their life, which makes a rented apartment a better choice over college dorms. Another benefit is being able to choose your roommate, which isn’t guaranteed at many college dorms across the nation. All you have to do is pay your rent and bills on time, follow community rules and avoid any illegal activities.

Better Features And Amenities: Rented apartments have better features and amenities as compared to dorm rooms. College dorms usually only have space for a bed, desk, and dresser for you and your roommate, but this is not the case with apartments. In apartments, you will get a separate bedroom, kitchen, and a shared or private bathroom and living space. An apartment will also give a more appealing place for you to study with privacy. Many apartments also offer other features such as pools or a fitness center which is usually not available in college dorms.

It Can Be Financially A Better Choice: Going to college can be costly, and if you are looking for ways to cut down costs, searching for a cheaper apartment complex with roommates will help you save more money. There are also many expensive options available, but if you are looking for ways to cut costs, a cheaper apartment complex is a better option. Some dorm rooms can be quite costly, especially if you have to purchase a meal plan, which you will not have to worry about when renting. Generally, renting an apartment can help save a lot of money especially for those struggling to pay college tuition fees.

 Some Of The Things That You Need To Take Into Consideration: If you have decided to rent an Apartment in Orem instead of staying at your college dorms, there are various things to take into consideration. You will have to search for your apartment months before the semester begins, find one that fits your budget and has the amenities you want, and has flexible lease terms. Finding an apartment that has a flexible lease term is important as you will probably have to move out once you complete college. You should also consider that although the rent is a fixed rate, you may have to pay the utility bills, set aside a different budget for food supplies, household items, and other supplies. You will have to commute a bit further to get to classes which will take longer compared with living at a dorm hall. And there will be additional expenses, such as getting furniture and others.

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